A Franchise with a REAL 'Point' of Difference

Skewerz Kebabz is part of the AKTIV Brands group of franchisee brands, which means that from the moment your commitment is made, the Skewerz management team begins the planning process.

This process has been developed based on years of experience in the retail fast food franchising sector. We work with you, lending our experience and expertise to every facet of your new business.

With your investment in the Skewerz franchise, you can experience the freedom of running and owning a business with the security of working within an established franchise system.

Our ongoing coaching and support programs help Franchise Owners' businesses to continue to grow and prosper.

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The intensive training, the world class Best Practice Program, the business performance reporting system and the ongoing business coaching are key factors which set Skewerz apart from other food franchises.

We've invested many years developing our franchise model. We have an extraordinary support system and fantastic coaching programs.

Every single facet of the Skewerz franchise model is based on world class best practice standards.

Our AKTIVPOS Point of Sale system collects and reports on all the key information which Franchise Owners need to effectively manage their business.

Our INTRANET intranet provides Franchise Owners with easy access to an extensive range of training, marketing and operational information and ordering systems.

From the moment your commitment is made, the Skewerz management team begins the planning process. We work with you, lending our experience and expertise to every facet of your new business. We coordinate virtually all the activities that will take you from preliminary layout to opening day.

We are there to give you operational support on everything from menus to kitchen assistance and field support. As well, Skewerz offers comprehensive marketing support and all the tools needed to assist you in growing sales.

Extensive Training and Support

With your investment in a Skewerz franchise, you can experience the freedom of running and owning a business with the security of working within an established franchise system.

As part of your extensive training, you will learn:
  • How to deliver high product quality at lower cost
  • How to recruit 12 key performance indicators to tweak and grow your profits
  • Merchandising secrets to maximise your sales

Imagine owning your own piece of the up & coming Skewerz Franchise. Imagine experiencing first hand our:

Unique Offering
Skewerz is not just another fast food clone. Our exciting mediterrianean menu delivers high quality tasty fare which is in great demand.

Wide Appeal
With lunch, dinner and snack menus, our hugely popular product range entices customers all day long.

Right Locations
Our stores are located in popular Shopping Centre Food Courts and key tourist destinations. We're also right on track to achieving our goal of a strong retail presence in most key city and regional locations throughout Australia.

Growth Market
Our key advantage over many major franchises competing in the over crowded fast food market is our menu. Today's consumers want healthy, modern "real" food, and that's exactly what we deliver.

Great Design
Skewerz stores are distinctive and easy to recognise. The bold colours and design elements really stand out from the crowd. Even our staff uniforms are smart and distinctive.

Great reasons why Skewerz is chosen ahead of other franchises
  • OPPORTUNITY - With 9 stores in WA and many more in the planning stage, Skewerz is the best opportunity around. A niche market segment, a loyal customer base and a proven business model make this franchise every business owner's dream.
  • POPULARITY - An all day menu, the hugely popular product range entices customers all day.
  • QUALITY - We guaruntee our meals are the highest possible quality no matter where or when the customer visits.
  • LOCATION - Stores are located where customers pass by all day - in the busy food courts of shopping centres and tourist destinations.
  • SUPPORT - Franchise Owners are training in every aspect of the business from day one, then coached and supported continuously as the business grows.
  • MARKETING - Strong branding, stylish marketing material and ongoing marketing coaching gives every Franchise Owner the skills and tools to grow their business year after year.
  • PURCHASING - Group purchasing power provides Franchise Owners with access to quality products at excellent prices.
  • INFORMATION - The Skewerz intranet and Point of Sale systems provide Franchise Owners with instant access to key information and business tools to monitor and grow their business.
  • SET UP - Franchise Owners are given full support with the store design and fitout process.
  • SECURITY - As a long term member of the Franchising Council of Australia, Aktiv Brands complies with all requirements of the Franchising Code.

Opportunities are currently available Australia-wide. If your location of interest is not listed, please contact on the email addresses provided below for further information.

To make an enquiry or for more information, please contact Dean Vella on 0414 187 940 or email

Skewerz Pty Ltd

5 Henry St,
QLD 4129
PHONE: +61 7 3175 0632
FAX: +61 7 3423 0600
EMAIL: mail@skewerz.net.au

"The support from head office has been better than we have ever experienced before. It seems that the Support Office has all the systems and processes in place before they roll out to a larger audience. The online support in the form of INTRANET and AKTIVPOS is up with the best we have seen. Since we had been operating an existing store, we found that the time saving methods used by Aktiv Brands enabled us to run a better labour percentage. We thought we had secured exceptional prices from our suppliers - we had- but Aktiv Brands had secured even better buying. We are now planning for success".

Elizabeth Gillam, Aktiv Franchise Owner.

"I would like to thank the team, for the easy transition that I have made from my existing business to a Aktiv Brands Franchise. I have been in businesses for over 30 years, 10 of those in the food industry and I have opened three stores. In that period I have yet to meet such a dedicated team as yours. Their professional attitude and combined experience has enabled them to tackle any and all inevitable obstacles that have presented themselves. With their support, I look forward to a mutually successful outcome to this business venture."

George Ioannou, Aktiv Franchise Owner.

"One of the reasons we decided on a franchise with Aktiv Brands was the tremendous support we received from the entire team at Head Office. However, this paled in comparison with the way the engine roared into gear once we opened our new store in Townsville!! We found everyone to be extremely helpful and excited and everyone knew what they needed to do to get us up and running. The ongoing support is fantastic, and no question is too ridiculous for them to answer. We love the Skewerz brand and are excited about being with the Aktiv Brands family."

Andrew May, Skewerz Franchise Owner.